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Loopless Flatbow Archwires (10/pack)

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We received a request from an orthodontic lab to manufacture our Flatbows without the loop, so that their technicians could make the size loop required for a certain prescription from their orthodontist.

Our "Loopless" Flatbow Labial Arches are manufactured using .032 diameter, 304V, bright, 3/4 hard stainless steel, medical grade wire.

Across the anterior section of the archwire, the wire is flattened, providing stability and patient comfort. The posterior region of the flatbow is round to allow anchoring to the orthdontic appliance.

NOTE: This flatbow has no loops as shown in the image, but does have the flattened anterior section.

We also have the original Flatbows with loops.

We have a reference chart below.  Also, here is a printable chart for reference.

 Size Measurement Item #
Size 0B 25 mm or 1" (76 mm legs) FLATB0B_1
Size 0XLB 25 mm or 1" (95 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB0XLB_1
Size 1B 28.5 mm or 1 1/8" (74 mm legs) FLATB1B_118
Size 1XLB 28.5 mm or 1 1/8" (94 mm) X-Long Legs FLATB1XLB_118
Size 2B 31 mm or 1 1/4" (72 mm legs) FLATB2B_114
Size 2XLB 31 mm or 1 1/4" (92 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB2XLB_114
Size 2AB 34.5 mm (75.5 mm legs) FLATB2XLB_114
Size 3B 35 mm or 1 3/8" (70 mm legs) FLATB3B_138
Size 3XLB 35 mm or 1 3/8" (92 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB3XLB_138
Size 3AB 37.5 mm (74 mm legs) FLATB3AB_375
Size 4B 38 mm or 1 1/2" (68 mm legs) FLATB4B_112
Size 4XLB 38 mm or 1 1/2" (90 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB4XLB_112
Size 4AB 40.5 mm (72.5 mm legs) FLATB4AB_405
Size 5B 41.3 mm or 1 5/8" (66 mm legs) FLATB5B_158
Size 5XLB 41.3 mm or 1 5/8" (88 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB5XLB_158
Size 5AB 43.5 mm (71 mm legs) FLATB5AB_435
Size 6B 44.5 mm or 1 3/4" (64 mm legs) FLATB6B_134
Size 6XLB 44.5 mm or 1 3/4" (86 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB6XLB_134
Size 6AB 46.5 mm (69.5 mm legs) FLATB6AB_465
Size 7B 47.6 mm or 1 7/8" (62 mm legs) FLATB7B_178
Size 7XLB 47.6 mm or 1 7/8" (84 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB7XLB_178
Size 7AB 49.5 mm (68 mm legs) FLATB7AB_495
Size 8B 50.8 mm OR 2" (60 mm legs) FLATB8B_2
Size 8XLB 50.8 mm or 2" (82 mm legs) X-Long Legs FLATB8XLB_2