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Round Bows Labial Archwires with X-Long Legs

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Please be assured that we make every effort to keep price increases to a minimum, but after carefully analyzing our increased raw material & overhead costs, we have had to increase the price of some of our wire and wire products as new shipments arrive. 

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Our new Round Bow Hawley Labial Archwires are manufactured using .036 bright 3/4 (medium hard), 304V medical grade, stainless steel wire.  

The entire archwire is round, there is no flat center, and these have extra long legs.  

How these are measured:  These are measured identically to the traditional Flat Bow Archwires, (the difference is that the center is round, not flattened).  These are measured loop to loop from inside the loops.  To clarify, the measurement of these Round Bows starts where the first loop ends, and the measurement stops where the second loop begins.  These are not the same as Wrap-Arounds, which are measured from the outsides of the loops.

The length of each leg is the same as our "XL" (Extra Long) Flatbows.

Sold 10 per pack..

Here is a handy printable chart of our Round Bow sizes & item numbers for reference




(the legs are extra-long, see description)


Size 0

25 mm or 1" (95 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 1

28.5 mm or 1 1/8" (94 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 2

28.5 mm or 1 1/8" (94 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 3

35 mm or 1 3/8" (92 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 4

38 mm or 1 ½" (90 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 5

41.3 mm or 1 5/8" (88 mm legs).036 diameter wire


Size 6

44.5 mm or 1 3/4" (86 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 7

47.6 mm or 1 7/8" (84 mm legs) .036 diameter wire


Size 8

50.8 mm or 2" (82 mm legs) .036 diameter wire