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Spring (Full Hard) Temper Stainless Steel Retainer Wire

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Orthodontic Spring (Full Hard) Stainless Steel Lab Length Wires are 14" in length and are manufactured with 304V (Vacuum Arc Remelted), which yields a more uniform chemistry with minimal voids and contaminants.  This is a bright polish, diamond drawn, medical grade stainless steel.  The ease of joining with solder or welding, combined with excellent strength, makes it desirable.  

This wire can be used for forming adams claspslabial bows and labial arches.

This is not as soft as our Three Quarter (Medium Hard) Retainer Wire, therefore it is more resilient.

.018 size in 500 pieces (bulk) is on clearance.

Note for those who do not prefer their wire pre-straightened:  We are now offering our wire in a 25 lb spool for those technicians who do not prefer their wire pre-straightened.  Spooled wire will be offered as a special order, which could take 4-5 weeks for delivery.  Call for pricing for spooled wire.