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Silver Solder, 5 DWT

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Our Orthodontic Silver Solder 22 gauge (.025 diameter) is cadmium free. The melting temperature is 1220°F or 660°C.

Orthodontic solder can be used to braze gold, silver or stainless steel. 505 Cadmium-Free Silver Solder is recommended for soldering Series 300 Stainless Steel wire, which is what is mainly used in fabricating orthodontic lab wire products.

Silver content: 50%

5 DWT (pennyweight) length on each spool is approximately 8 1/2 feet.

80 DWT (pennyweight) length on each spool is approximately 138.5 feet.  80 DWT is available here

NOTE: All silver solder prices may vary due to fluctuations in the silver market, we reserve to change prices when necessary.