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.025 Orthodontic Silver Solder, 80 DWT (4 troy oz)

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Orthodontic Silver Solder can be used to braze gold, silver or stainless steel.

  • Cadmium-free
  • Lead-free
  • .025 in diameter
  • 22 gauge
  • 80 DWT (pennyweight) - equal to 4 troy ounces
  • Length is approximately 138.5 feet
  • Melting temperature is 1220°F or 660°C.
  • Silver content: 50%
  • Recommended for soldering Series 300 Stainless Steel wire, which is mainly used in fabricating orthodontic lab wire products.
  • Our spools for this 80 DWT solder now come with a protection cover.

 *If you wish to purchase a smaller spool, we also carry 5 DWT (pennyweight) (which is 1/4 troy ounce).  

NOTE:  We reserve to change prices when necessary.  Silver solder prices vary due to the fluctuating precious metals market - we base our pricing on the price we pay for raw materials and it only changes each time we re-order raw material, not according to the daily precious metals market.